‘Eat ‘Em to Beat ‘Em’: Gulf Coast Seafood Alliance Fights Invasive Lionfish

A new video released by the Gulf Coast Seafood Alliance (GCSA), ‘Eat ‘Em to Beat ‘Em’: Gulf Coast Seafood Alliance Fights Invasive Lionfish, shows how members of the alliance are doing their part to help eliminate the scourge of invasive lionfish from Southeast U.S. waters.

Lionfish were first detected off the coast of Florida in 1985 but only began spreading rapidly throughout the region in recent years. Fishermen today are seeing more and more lionfish on the reefs and fewer of the native species that the industry and region have historically relied on.

Florida officials launched a lionfish awareness initiative in 2014 to inform the public about the invasion and let people know that they can kill and eat the fish. Local chefs are discovering popular ways to serve lionfish in restaurants and there’s now a healthy market for them.